“The Harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”

Luke 10:2

Highlands College offers a unique approach to higher education through a holistic training experience. Students attending Highlands College will be trained in four areas. Because of the emphasis on these four pillars of training, our students are becoming the workers Jesus prayed for in Luke 10:2.


Academic Instruction

Highlands College students meet the highest standards of excellence as they develop their intellect and increase their knowledge of God. Students become lifelong learners across a wide array of disciplines, strengthening their understanding of their Christ-centered calling in engaging classroom settings.


Ministry Training

Highlands College equips students to be the hands and feet of Jesus through elite hands-on ministry training and empowers students to take ownership in every area of church life. Students receive leadership training and opportunities to develop the skills needed to change the world.


Character Formation

Highlands College challenges students to live a life of excellence through living a healthy, active lifestyle and growing their leadership abilities. While at Highlands College, students develop Christ-like character through time spent in relationship with mentors and peers.


Spiritual Development

Highlands College students strengthen their devotion to God through the local church, chapels, small groups, and their relationships with others. Students will be discipled by spiritually mature church and academic leaders and will serve on a mission trip to learn how to spread the gospel around the world.

Students who receive training at Highlands College will be eligible to apply for an Internship with a partnering church. Students who are accepted and complete their Internship are eligible for Job Placement through our office on campus.


Highlands College is an applicant for accreditation through the Association of Biblical Higher Education. Learn more here!

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