Author: Connor Reeder

Classroom Of The Future

There is a new generation on the move. The post-millennial age, known as Generation Z or “Gen Z,” includes those born between 1997 and 2013. This means that most people entering higher education and the [...]

Faculty Feature: Dr. Kevin Bussey

Dr. Kevin Bussey, a lecturer at Highlands College, is our newest doctoral recipient on staff! What makes Highlands College unique are faculty members like Dr. Bussey, who deliver engaging academic curriculum through innovative and relational [...]

Why Do We Do Saturate

Here is a simple truth ‚Äì leaders cannot give what they do not have.  As spiritual leaders, the greatest value our graduates will bring to ministry is their spiritual maturity and deep love for Jesus. [...]

Innovation In Education

Through hands-on ministry training and an innovative approach to education, Highlands College helps shape religious leaders. In the Worship Practicum classroom, students will be encouraged to hone their craft in a space that encourages creativity. [...]

A Miracle in the Moment

We all carry our own variable degree of faith in miracles. For many of us who believe in miracles, we tend to picture these moments that defy the laws of nature – seas parted or [...]

Experience A Vibrant Community

When I close my eyes and picture the campus we're building, I see a place of non-stop, purpose-driven activity – a place of life. It's a place that boils over with community and interaction. It's [...]

Healthy Leaders – Spirit, Soul, and Body

Attending college is often one of the most physically unhealthy seasons in a person's life. Between the microwaved cups of ramen and the late-night Taco Bell runs, more than a few of us picked up [...]

The End is Everything

Every organization has a mission. I'm not talking about the one that's printed on the lobby wall. I'm talking about the one that's driving every decision at either a conscious or subconscious level. For some, [...]