Author: Connor Reeder

Building Resilience

Coronavirus threw us all a curve ball. I never expected to run a college from the dining room table. Business owners became stay-at-home parents and cashiers became front-lines, essential workers – heroes in their communities. [...]

Job Searching Made Easy

As a young college graduate, Tim Johnson's eyes eagerly scanned the computer screen in front of him. Job searching is no easy task, especially when entering the workforce for the first time. After a few [...]

Why It’s Worth Hiring Highlands College Students

We recently received an email from Taleah Murray, an Executive Pastor at Crossroads Church in Southern California. In her email, she shares her experience about how a Highlands College hire has exceeded her expectations. Read [...]

Five Questions That Will Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Chancellor Chris Hodges concluded the Impact Leadership Conference with a Lunch and Learn experience. The content shared was formed around the idea that good leaders ask great questions. He provided five practical questions leaders can [...]

A Values-Driven Design

  When we set out three years ago to design the future home of Highlands College, we were full of excitement. In front of us was an opportunity to create something that had never been […]

Don’t Waste This Moment

Quarantined and working at home with kids - if you're living it, you know the insanity of juggling work stations and fighting over bandwidth for Zoom calls and Google Classroom meets. Even on your best [...]

How Do I Know God’s Calling On My Life?

This may be one of the most frequently considered questions in the Christian faith. In a world with a million options, how do I know if I'm fulfilling God's call on my life? If you [...]