Come with a calling, leave with a purpose.

Through biblical higher education, Highlands College exists to supply the Church with leaders. Young aspiring leaders and adults have the opportunity to be educated, equipped, and empowered to lead lives of eternal impact according to their calling. We help students dig deep and aim to develop them into strong, mature, informed, confident Christian leaders.

Highlands College

The primary mission of Highlands College is designed to train the next generation of leaders of students 17-24 years old. Through cutting-edge active academic learning and hands-on, practical ministry training within a vibrant campus community Highlands College teaches students through our four-pillar academy model that gives students confidence, competence, character, and spiritual maturity.

Highlands College Evening

The extended education program educates the adult learner in the topics of Biblical world-view, Christian leadership, biblical understanding, and ministry training for those interested in vocational ministry. We must always have a posture of learning. It is never too late to develop and grow. Many graduate with a deeper understanding of their purpose in life and calling for the next season. Highlands College Evening offers several learning paths for adults 24 and above to learn at their pace according to their calling and direction from the Lord.

Come and see

Discover first-hand what it’s like to belong in the “HC family.” There are two ways to experience our campus. Preview Days offer students and parents an immersive, informative, interactive experience with students, professors, staff, and faculty. Campus Visits provide tours and information in smaller group settings. 

For Highlands College Evening, we only offer one chance a semester to see the extended education program in action — Preview Night! We fill the night with an immersive experience filled with community, in-class experience, and Q&A!

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