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Hamid Al-Dlaigan

Hi! I’m Hamid! I’m determined to maximize every opportunity that is given, driven by helping students find and pursue their calling.

When I’m not helping students navigate their next steps, you can find me running a marathon or hiking in a national park.

I’ve completed 6 marathons in the past 6 years and been to 30 of America’s 63 National Parks. For me, HC is more than a job it’s a calling and as a graduate from the 2016 HC class it is my greatest honor to have the opportunity to introduce all HC has to offer to new students looking to explore and step into all God has for them!

Favorite Coffee Shop: O’Henrys
Favorite Birmingham Hangout: English Village
Favorite Feature on Campus: Resolute Cafe

Hannon Sanderson

Hey! I’m Hannon and I’m from Birmingham, AL!

I love being a part of the HC team! My passion to bring new students into the Highlands College family is fueled by experiencing the life-change and impact our students have on the world around us!

Favorite Pastime: Golfing

Ideal Day Off: Hiking with my wife and dog before grabbing a bite to eat in downtown Birmingham!

Favorite Feature on Campus: The ping-pong table in the Rec

Justyn Benton

Hi! I’m Justyn! I just want to start by saying that I love Highlands College because, it changed my life for the better. Being a graduate from the Fall Class of 2021, I am freshly removed from the college, and can say with confidence that there is no better place to be. I am a newlywed and having a blast getting to do life with the love of my life. Some of my favorite hobbies are golf, bowling, and playing basketball. When I am not in the office you can most likely find me on the golf course. I am a strategic thinker who loves to help get people to where God is calling them. With that being said, I will do everything in my power to help new students walk in what God has for them.

Favorite Coffee Shop: Innova Coffee
Favorite Birmingham Hangout: Bamboo on 2nd
Favorite Feature on Campus: The Campus Green

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Duncan Carter

Admissions Coach

Hey, I’m Duncan! The best advice I can give to anyone applying is to schedule a meeting with our team. As an Admissions Coach, I love to help applicants, take every step with them in the journey to becoming a student, and empower them to pursue their ministry calling through HC.  I’m currently in school to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, because I’m very passionate about psychology and helping people become mentally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy.

Anthony McCall

Hey! I’m Anthony. Since joining the Highlands College team in 2021, I have had the great honor of coming alongside families to support and resource them throughout their student’s college search process. I am currently in my twelfth year of serving students through the avenues of athletics, coaching and college admissions. I am honored to continue experiencing joy as I see the next generation take next steps in their journey.

Ideal Day Off: Enjoying the outdoors with my family and friends!
Favorite Pastime: Playing pickup basketball – my secret sauce: I’m ambidextrous with a ball!
Favorite Feature on Campus: The Green

Kendyl Crooks

Admissions Coach

Hey! My name is Kendyl, and I’m an Admissions Coach at Highlands College. I love encouraging and helping applicants work through their applications and take their next step towards their ministry calling. Once that application is submitted and accepted, it’s so fun to be able to say “Welcome to the HC family!‚Äù  My advice to someone considering applying to HC would be this: spend some time thinking about your ministry calling and why you feel like Highlands College is the best place for you. When you’re resolute and certain that God is guiding your steps, the application process becomes easy. All you have to do is share that calling and that passion with us! As your Admissions Coach, I can’t wait to learn more about you and your ministry calling. I hope we can welcome YOU to the HC family soon!

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The Highlands College Team

Highlands College has a dynamic team to ensure that you are known, developed, cared for, and prayed over. The team is passionate about the mission and vision of Highlands College. It is our team’s deepest desire to see each student develop as a person, Christian, and Christian leader in their time at Highlands College. Teammates are heavily invested in students’ lives and experiences in their time at Highlands College.  The team above goes above and beyond to ensure that Highlands College is a good fit for students searching for their next step.