Highlands College Evening


Dive deep into God’s word with other adults seeking to know God more intimately and grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

The Spiritual Development Program studies the bible doctrine and theology of God’s Word.

You can earn a Biblical Studies Certificate through the Spiritual Development program. Each certificate requires two semesters with class one night a week to complete. Programs vary in the level of commitment required to successfully complete the course. Highlands College Evening can be easily balanced with other life commitments.

Biblical Studies Certificate

Biblical Studies is a two semester (one year) course that goes beyond a typical bible study to provide a deepened appreciation for and knowledge of God’s Word. The course will broaden your understanding of scripture by providing an understanding of Bible Doctrine, Interpretation of Scripture as well as a survey of both the Old and New Testaments.

Students will accelerate their spiritual development through application of more thorough knowledge of scripture and how to apply it in every area of their Christian Walk.

The Biblical Studies Certificate course includes:
  • Bible Doctrine
  • Interpretation of the Bible
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament

Upon completion of all courses and requirements, students will earn the Biblical Studies Certificate.

Coming Fall 2023

Theological Studies Certificate

Theological Studies is a two semester (one year) certificate that will deepen your understanding of essential Christian beliefs. You will discover how these core doctrines shape the Christian worldview, and the mission of the Church.

This course will broaden your knowledge and understanding of the Word of God and the doctrines that have shaped the faith of the church. You will discover your purpose in the body of Christ through an in-depth exploration of theology supported by scripture.

The Theological Studies Certificate course includes:
  • Theological Foundations
  • Christian Beliefs I
  • Christian Beliefs II
  • Mission of the Church

Upon completion of all courses and requirements, students will earn the Theological Studies Certificate.

July 18th, 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

Highlands College Evening classes take place on Tuesday nights.

  • For Christian Leadership, students attend class on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm (CST).
  • For Ministry Training and World Missions, students attend class on Tuesday nights from 7:45-8:45pm (CST).
  • For Biblical Studies and Theological Studies, students attend class on Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30pm (CST).

Classes are available in-person at our Highlands College Evening campus locations.

Additional requirements for certificate completion vary depending on the course.

Students may pursue one or more of the following certificates:

  • Christian Leadership
  • Ministry Training
  • World Missions
  • Biblical Studies
  • Theological Studies 

Tuition for each Highlands College Evening program is $750 per semester for the duration of the program.

Tuition is due by the first class, unless arrangements have been made for an approved payment plan. For information on a payment plan contact your Admissions Coach.

There is a $50 non-refundable application fee to apply for Highlands College Evening. Once accepted, there is a $250 enrollment deposit which must be submitted as part of the confirmation process once you have made a final decision to attend Highlands College. The enrollment deposit is applied toward your tuition and is non-refundable after the drop date for each semester.

Yes! We offer a payment plan that allows you to make two payments toward your tuition/fees over the course of the semester. One payment at the beginning of the semester and one payment halfway through the semester.

Students may pursue one or more of the following certificate programs:

  • Christian Leadership
  • Ministry Training
  • World Missions
  • Biblical Studies
  • Theological Studies

Our admissions team is here to help you every step of the way.


To gain entry into any Highlands College Evening program, an applicant must submit and meet the following admission requirements:

  • Meet the recommended minimum age of 23 by the start of class. Age exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Admissions Committee if applicants meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • Employed full-time (40 or more work hours per week)
    • Has earned a bachelor’s degree from another institution
    • Current military service
    • Enrolled full-time at a community college or four-year college/university. To qualify for this exception, the applicant must be attending class in – person, online program enrollment does not qualify.
    • Married and/or has children
      • Be a committed follower of Christ.
      • Ensure access to sufficient financial resources to cover, tuition, fees, accommodations, and living expenses. Students may view tuition and fees on the Highlands College website.
      • Be a graduate of an accredited four-year high school or equivalent homeschool, having earned a standard diploma certifying readiness for a two-or four-year college experience.
    • Completed Online Application
    • Payment of the $50 Application Fee
    • Receipt of Online Reference Form
    • Background Authorization Consent
  • For those pursuing the Ministry Training Certification, the following additional application requirements must be received in order to complete the admission application:
    • Completed Online Reference Form from a Staff Member at Your Church or Campus
    • Online Admissions Interview
    • Ministry Calling Essay

Following receipt of a completed application demonstrating that the above requirements are met, the Admissions Committee will review the applicant, and the Admissions Department will notify the applicant of an admission decision. In some cases, the Admissions Committee may request that an applicant provide additional evidence that they meet these requirements. At its discretion, the Admissions Committee may apply additional conditions concerning the above entry requirements.

Secondary Education

All candidates for admission must meet one of the following qualifications:

  • A graduate from an accredited four-year high school or equivalent home school having earned a standard diploma.
  • Completed the General Educational Development (GED) certificate.
  • Other state-recognized equivalency of a high school diploma.
Documentation of Secondary Education

HC does not require Evening Program Certificate applicants to submit any formal certification verifying completion of the secondary education requirement so long as the student attests that requirement is satisfied.

Prior College Enrollment

HC does not require Evening Program Certificate applicants to submit official transcripts for prior college enrollment.

Standardized Test Scores

HC does not require submission of standardized test scores such as the ACT or SAT for Evening Program applicants.

Online Reference Forms For World Missions & Ministry Training Applicants

Applicants must submit a minimum of two online reference forms as part of their admission application. ReferenceRequirements:

  • Reference One: This reference should be completed by someone who has a close, pastoral relationship with the applicant, such as a pastor, pastoral staff, small group leader, Dream Team leader, etc. who can testify to the applicant’s relationship with Jesus, leadership skills, and Christian character. The reference may not be from a relative.
  • Reference Two: Applicants must submit at least one reference from a staff member at their church or campus. The reference may not be from a relative.

The Highlands College Evening Program does not offer scholarships or financial assistance. If you need assistance, contact your local campus Highlands College Evening Director to inquire if funds are available for consideration.