Faculty Feature: Stacey Benson

Stacey Benson is the Foundational Studies Department Chair and Assistant Professor of Social Sciences. She works at the college alongside her husband and a few of her children! What makes Highlands College unique are faculty members like Stacey, who deliver engaging academic curriculum through innovative and relational methodologies. We interviewed Professor Benson to learn more about her background and impact at Highlands College.

What courses do you teach?


Success in College 

Human Diversity

What is the timeline of your academic journey?

1989- Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Samford University

2018- Master of Arts in Applied Sociology, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2019- Currently working toward Master of Arts in Psychology, Liberty University

Why did you choose to teach at Highlands College?

Being a part of the mission and vision of HC was the driving factor for me. To equip the next generation of Kingdom leaders is a worthwhile way to spend my time.

How do the courses you teach shape the future leaders of the church?

I love helping students understand the Highlands College culture, and then the much wider culture around them. Understanding their place in that culture then leads them to an understanding of how to have an eternal impact on the world around them for the Kingdom of God. Pretty cool, right?

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I think everyone should have a little nonsense in their lives. I have 16 backyard chickens for that very reason. I mean, why else would anyone have 16 chickens?