Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Faculty, Full Time
Highlands College
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Full-time faculty members are professional educators with the primary responsibility of fulfilling the organizational mission, vision, values, strategic plan, and educational philosophy, with a primary goal of providing a quality education for all students attending Highlands College. The faculty member’s relationship with the student is one of leader, teacher, adviser, mentor, and facilitator of learning.

The Assistant Professor of Mathematics reports to the Foundational Studies Department Chair.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide face-to-face instruction in the area of Mathematics while working alongside all other faculty to provide students with a solid set of problem- solving skills for future and continued success.
  • Teach a normal load of 18-24 semester hours per academic year of assigned courses to meet program needs.
  • Take steps as necessary to maintain and increase faculty effectiveness.
  • Maintain high academic standards.
  • Assume a proper share of the overall functions of the faculty.
  • Respect the rights of students and hold students to their responsibilities.
  • Attend faculty departmental and committee meetings.
  • Attend chapel unless there is an institutional or exceptional personal obligation or unless the chapel is exclusively for students.
  • Participate in events that are part of the regular academic calendar.
  • Work with the Instructional Designer to prepare course syllabi and submit them for review to the Department Chair.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Foster a culture of academic excellence.
  • Affirm the Statement of Faith and uphold the Core Values of the College, exemplifying them by word and lifestyle.
  • Support the educational purposes and objectives of the College.
  • Cooperate with the administration and staff of the College in professional and personal relationships.
  • Observe and enforce the policies and procedures of the College.
  • Participate in the social, cultural, and spiritual life of the College community, including regular Chapel attendance.
  • Offer constructive suggestions for the College’s improvement to those in a position to change the situation.
  • Be familiar with the contents of the Academic Catalog.
  • Support the College prayerfully on a regular basis.
  • Be an active member of Church of the Highlands.
  • Lead a Highlands College or Church of the Highlands small group.
  • Promote the mission, values, and vision of Church of the Highlands.

Classroom Management

  • Begin and conclude class on time.
  • Integrate elements of the Christian faith into lesson plans.
  • Assist the Registrar in determining the official class roll.
  • Maintain attendance records and uphold the attendance policy.
  • Understand and adhere to all academic policies.
  • Determine the overall decorum of the class, including discipline and order.
  • Notify the Foundational Studies Department Chair of any personal illness, and take appropriate steps to inform the class if the class will not meet.
  • Notify the Foundational Studies Department Chair if arrival to class is delayed.
  • Use the organizational Learning Management System for all academic activities, including testing, grading, attendance, and student communications.


  • Passion for biblical higher education, commitment to growth in teaching, and dedication to student success.
  • Knowledge of Learning Management Systems or ability to learn.
  • Virtuous in teaching: humble, enthusiastic, honest, curious, compassionate, encouraging, hopeful; generous in offering time and skills to students and colleagues; respectful of others.
  • Be a godly person, prayerful and persistent in following Jesus Christ.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and accurately.
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills.
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
  • Evidence of excellent teaching ability.
  • Ability to work with faculty, staff, and students with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Evidence of continued professional development.


  • Maintain established office hours and be available to faculty and students for formal consultations and informal mentoring.
  • Hold membership(s) in relevant professional organizations.
  • Commit to ongoing personal development to enhance instructional and technical skills.
  • Grow in commitment and effectiveness in the integration of Christian faith and learning.
  • Participate in normal faculty responsibilities, including serving on committees and attending faculty meetings, convocation, commencement, chapel services, and other events throughout the year.


  • A Master’s degree in Mathematics from a regionally accredited institution.
  • One year of experience teaching courses at the collegiate level.
  • Familiarity with Learning Management Systems.


  • Medium


  • Moderate exposure to physical risk.
  • Good physical condition is required.
  • Ability to drive between campuses.

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