Ministry Training

Ministry Training at Highlands College is focused on providing students with real experience in a church. This happens through Practicums that are created to provide hands-on training that allows students to become specialized in a specific area of ministry. Students will graduate with at least 400 hours of documented experience in their Practicum. They will gain experience by learning from a Church of the Highlands Preceptor and grow in their specific area by getting leadership opportunities during their two years at Highlands College.

Ministry Training
Ministry Training


Interning offers graduates of Highlands College an opportunity to put their training into practice through real-life leadership roles and responsibilities. Upon completing Highlands College all graduates are eligible to apply for an Internship with any pre-qualified church or ministry organization. During their year as an Intern, students will receive coaching and mentoring while completing assigned benchmarks. Once these benchmarks are completed, students who succeed in their Internship will receive access to Highlands College Job Placement services.

Job Placement

Job Placement is a unique part of the Highlands College experience. Through Highlands College’s connections with churches around the world, pastors and leaders are able to inquire about available Highlands College graduates for positions at their church. We help qualified students access interviews and job opportunities directly in their field of expertise.


Specialize in a specific area of ministry through one of our Practicum options offered at Highlands College

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