New Scholarships Announced For The 2020/2021 Academic Year

Because of generous donors to the Eternal Impact Campaign, we are so excited to announce two new scholarship opportunities for select incoming first-semester students and eligible returning students. These are in addition to our four existing scholarships.


  • The Scholastic Scholarship awards high academic performers that meet certain academic qualifications with $1,000 per semester.
  • The Service Scholarship awards those eligible students who demonstrate a heart for eternal impact through their existing service to their local church and community with $1,000 per semester.

These scholarships are a vital part of the Highlands College vision. We seek to fund an endowment that will allow us to provide the opportunity for up to 1,000 students to attend Highlands College on full scholarships. Because our holistic training approach requires students to be fully immersed in the classroom and in the living laboratory of Church of the Highlands, it’s crucial students are solely focused on their education. Providing scholarships will accomplish two primary goals. First, it will allow these students to graduate and enter into full-time ministry debt-free. Equally important, the scholarships will free these students to go all-in and focus on their demanding education and hands-on ministry training commitments while in college.

 We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission by providing dynamic ministry leaders to serve in churches all over the world, and our students are committed to becoming the leaders God has called them to be. To develop the best leaders, we need all of their time for academic and hands-on training. Imagine the eternal, social, and Kingdom impact possible if we doubled the number of leaders who are educated, equipped, and empowered to lead. Our prayer is that full-tuition scholarships funded through the Eternal Impact Campaign will make it possible for Highlands College to train 1,000 leaders every year who make a difference every day.

For details about each scholarship and to submit your scholarship application, please go to our scholarships page. Limited scholarships will be awarded, so we encourage you to complete both your admission application and scholarship application as soon as possible.