Highlands College


Residential Housing

All Traditional Students have access to Student Housing in an on-campus residence hall or a nearby apartment complex through a corporate lease agreement maintained by Highlands College. Student Housing creates a vibrant campus environment that extends the growth and connection of the Highlands College experience far beyond their time in class.


At Highlands College, we take great pride in our staff and want our students to love them as much as we do. Jenna Nielsen and her husband Christian Nielsen serve as our faculty and staff Residence Hall Coordinators, working alongside Resident Advisors (RA’s) to support students during their time at HC.

Housing Application

Once accepted into Highlands College, you will “confirm” your place in the enrollment class. In your HC application, if you marked “Yes” to being interested in student housing, a link will be sent to begin your housing application following your acceptance. A $100 deposit is required.

Once your Residence Hall application form and the deposit are received, you’re confirmed for a spot in student housing. We encourage you to complete the application as soon as possible.

What to Expect

Preparing for Move-In Day

Each room comes ready with a twin bed and bed frame, a desk and desk chair, a chest of drawers, and a wardrobe closet per student. Additionally, each room has one kitchenette unit equipped with a microwave and mini fridge. Students may not substitute personal furniture for these items. Furniture must be kept in the original room. No furniture should be taken out of the lobbies and public areas of the residence halls and moved into rooms.

Students are allowed to personalize their rooms within certain limitations. Your room should reflect your personality, and both residents should agree on decor. The constraints placed by Highlands College generally prohibit anything that causes permanent change or damage to the room. Decoration should also reflect the values HC holds. Residence Life recommends waiting to purchase until your room assignment is confirmed and saving receipts for all purchased items.

Wireless and Ethernet (Ethernet cable required) connections are available for each student.

What you pack is up to you as a student, but many residents bring the following:


  • Computer
  • Supplies for classes
  • Alarm clock
  • Cell phone & charger
  • Towels and sheets
  • Pillow
  • Comforter
  • Blankets
  • Shower caddy
  • Bath supplies
  • Flip-flops
  • Power strips (extension cords are discouraged)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Seasonal clothes/shoes
  • Luggage for weekend trips
  • Hangers
  • Drawer liners
  • Plate, cup, utensils, can opener
  • Ziploc bags
  • Computer and printer (printer optional- there are print stations in each area of campus)
  • Laundry items (basket, detergent, softener)
  • Backpack
  • First aid supplies
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • Ear plugs
  • A limited number of pictures and personal items to help you feel at home
  • Command strips/hooks by 3M or similar product for hanging pictures

Move-In Day

Arrive at the Residence Hall at your scheduled Move-In time and date. Go to the direct check-in desk to get your check-in materials (Room key, Parking Permit Tag, and Residence Hall information packet).

Due to limited space in elevators, oversized items may be difficult to carry. Please plan accordingly when bringing in items.

Pack belongings into easily transportable containers (suitcases, moving boxes, etc.).

Our staff can help transport items with carts to and from rooms, but you will be responsible for unpacking things and arranging furnishings.

Wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we utilize residence halls for summer camps and are busy preparing rooms for incoming arrivals, rooms are not ready for viewing until move-in day.

The student should contact his/her resident assistant to assist with the lockout. If the Resident Assistant is unavailable, he/she should contact the Staff Resident.

At Highlands College we use a mobile app entry to gain access to campus buildings and the Residence Hall. If a student loses their phone, a temporary key can be provided to them until they find or replace their phone.

  • Pets
  • Weapons
  • Alcoholic beverages/Alcohol paraphernalia
  • Illegal Drugs/Drug paraphernalia
  • Halogen lamps
  • Fireworks
  • Sharp knives
  • Toaster/toaster oven
  • Full sized furniture (check room dimensions before purchase)
  • Fire pits
  • Charcoal grill
  • Any appliance with an exposed burner
  • Two-prong extension cords
  • Self-balancing scooters (hoverboards)

HC does not assume responsibility for loss or damage of personal property. Students are urged to consider personal insurance for valuable property they bring to the residence hall.

Students may stay in their rooms over short breaks such as spring break, fall break, long weekends, etc. Students may not stay in their room for summer break.

No; they may not have visitors of the opposite sex in their rooms. They may visit with one another in open common areas.

Specific room and roommate assignments for entering freshmen are made in June/July preceding the start of the fall term. Any questions regarding your housing & roommate assignments should be emailed to housing@highlandscollege.com by the deadline.

Students can request to room with a particular person. However, specific room requests depend on availability and entry date of the application.

Room changes are not common. Students wanting to change rooms should speak to their assigned Staff Residence Life Coordinator. Requests for room changes are considered but not guaranteed.

Living in a residence hall is a learning experience for each student. Students are encouraged to work out roommate conflicts among themselves. Students should discuss conflicts with their roommate first, then with their RA if the conflict was not resolved. The Staff Residence Life Coordinators are good resources for help after RA’s have intervened.

Students may not bring any items or themselves to campus prior to the move-in date. Shipping items to campus prior to the scheduled move-in date is not allowed as the student must be present to receive packages.

While our residence hall does not have a kitchen, we do offer breakfast and lunch in our on-campus food hall Tuesday through Friday. Additionally, dinner is served on campus every Tuesday and Thursday evening. Each room comes equipped with a mini fridge and has a microwave for students to heat up their meals.

Laundry facilities are located on the first floor in the east wing of the residence hall.

You can request a roommate on your housing application. If you do not request a roommate, one will be assigned to you by the Housing Committee.

No pets of any kind are allowed.

Yes! Each room comes ready with a twin bed and bed frame, a desk and desk chair, a chest of drawers, and a wardrobe closet per student. Additionally, each room has one kitchenette unit equipped with a microwave and mini fridge. Students may bring their own décor to be hung with command strips. No outside furniture, including but not limited to futons, recliners and couches, are permitted to be used in the Residence Hall.

Yes. Should a student choose to withdraw or be dismissed due to disciplinary actions, fulfillment of the legally binding lease is required in accordance with its terms.

Every year, students sign the Highland College Community Covenant which contains the commitments and practices that all students abide by during their time as a Highlands College student. This Covenant does contain practices as they relate to housing including:

  • No alcohol or tobacco of any kind allowed
  • No overnight stays with members of the opposite sex
  • No disruptive gatherings that disturbs or impacts the peace of another