We offer two academic pathways at Highlands College: the Highlands College Associate Degree or the SEU Associate Degree Option. The cost of tuition for the Highlands College Associate Degree Program is $3,300 per semester. The cost of tuition for the SEU Associate Degree Option is $395 per credit hour, plus a $150 Technology Fee. To help you estimate tuition, an average full-time course load is around 15 credit hours. If your student decides to do the SEU Associate Degree option, that would put your student’s tuition amount to $6,075 per semester. Please note, SEU Associate Degree option students only pay ONE tuition. The cost of their HC tuition is included in the SEU Associate Degree tuition.

Students pursuing the SEU Associate Degree option may apply for Federal financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or in short, the FAFSA. Financial aid awards may include grants, subsidized loans, and unsubsidized loans. Students may also apply a G.I. Bill, as well as various external scholarships and prepaid college funds towards their SEU tuition. 

Some students are awarded aid amounts exceeding the cost of their tuition. These extra funds can be applied to other fees and expenses, such as books or student housing.

The earlier you complete your FAFSA the better, so apply early! You can complete your FAFSA beginning October 1 of your senior year in high school.

Scholarships are available by application process for incoming students of both programs. Once your student begins the admission application process, information on how to apply for scholarships will be provided. The scholarship committee will not review an applicant for a scholarship award until their Highlands College admission application is complete.

You can learn more about the specific scholarships offered by Highlands College here.

For both programs, tuition is due before the start of the semester. However, if you need to spread your tuition payments throughout the semester, both Highlands College and Southeastern University offer tuition payment plans.

The Highlands College Associate program payment option:

  •    $1100 due by the first day of class
  •    $550 due on Sept 1
  •    $550 due on Oct 1
  •    $550 due on Nov 1
  •    $550 due on Dec 1

The Evening Program payment plan allows you to make 2 payments toward your tuition/fees over the course of the semester. One payment at the beginning of the semester and one payment halfway through the semester.

Degree-seeking students, please consult with our SEU representative, Cass Bussey, on payment plan options. You can email her at Cybussey@seu.edu.

Yes. The HC Fit fee is $900.00 per semester. All students participate. The HC Fit fee is typically due at the start of each semester. However,  there is a payment plan option available if you would like to pay your fee in monthly installments over the course of the semester.

We believe that in order to have longevity and effectiveness in ministry, our students must be healthy body, soul, and spirit. As part of our holistic training, our students participate in the HC Fit Program. HC Fit is designed to give students the tools they need to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle while also using sports and activities to grow in their leadership abilities. The core components of HC Fit are as follows: a meal plan of 64 high-quality lunches Monday – Thursday, access to premier fitness facilities and trainers, intramural sports, and entry into Expedition and the Half-Marathon.

No. student housing is optional and therefore is not included in the cost of tuition.

Your student may choose a 3 bedroom apartment for $440 per month/ or a 2 bedroom apartment for $500 per month. These rental rates are based upon two students per bedroom. If your student would like a private room, we can absolutely accommodate that request. The rental rate will simply be double the standard rate for that apartment. Leases are for 10 months.

If your student is pursuing the SEU Associate Degree option, your tuition could be tax-deductible. Our team can send you information concerning this.

Depending on the program, Highlands College Associate Degree students could spend up to $300/semester. SEU Associate Degree students could spend up to $600/semester on books

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