Highlands College is a biblical higher education institution that exists to supply the Church with leaders of competence, character, and spiritual maturity, holistically trained to lead lives of eternal impact by fulfilling the Great Commission.
Our vision is to create a ministry academy model, applying leading-edge methods in world-class facilities, where students graduate debt-free – educated, equipped, and empowered to expand the Kingdom of God in a complex and changing world.
Our graduates are known for their commitment to…
The Authority Of Scripture
as evidenced by
  • The knowledge, interpretation, and integration of the Scripture
  • The possession of a biblical worldview
The Pursuit Of A Christ-Centered Life
as evidenced by
  • A personal devotional life with God
  • A godly character
  • A healthy, active lifestyle
  • An investment in life-giving relationships
The Passion Of Life-Long Learning
as evidenced by
  • Intentional pursuit of truth
  • Creative problem solving
The Calling Of Ministry Leadership
as evidenced by
  • The discovery of and devotion to personal calling
  • The development of leadership and vocational skills
The Advancement Of The Kingdom
as evidenced by
  • Service to the local and the global church
  • Stewardship of time and resources
  • Commitment to finishing well
Our relational, Holy Spirit-infused, holistic approach to ministry leadership education, training, and development is proving effective.
Success Numbers
Graduation Rate

Incoming Class of 2018 

Retention Rate

Fall of 2021

Recent Graduates Employed in Ministry, Pursuing Further Education, or Serving in Ministry

Survey Response of 633 Graduates

Overall Satisfaction
84 %
70 %
65 %

All surveys (Highlands College, ABHE schools, and 2-year Community Colleges) are averaged over the past 4 years.


89% of our students say that if they had to do it over, they would probably or definitely re-enroll at Highlands College.

The demand for ministry leaders that are theologically and practically trained beckoned the need for life-giving ministry training continues to strengthen and perpetuate Highlands College into the future. 


“We’ll never stop championing the destiny that God has placed inside our students.”

 – Mark Pettus –
Highlands College President –

A Brief History of Highlands College

The Future

Inspired by the traditional model of a military academy, the goal of Highlands College is to become an ABHE-accredited, four-year institution with fully-funded endowed tuition scholarships for every student that attends, so that their entire focus can be devoted to developing into world-renowned leaders who fulfill the Great Commission by advancing the Kingdom of God through the local church.

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Highlands College Traditional Graduate

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