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Highlands College is a biblical higher education institution that exists to supply the Church with leaders of character and competence to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Graduates

Will Be Known For:


The Authority ofScripture

“Highlands College showed me how practical scripture use can be. I experienced it through teachers, chapels, leadership, academic classes, and even athletic fields; in every area, scripture was the backbone and foundation for how to function like Christ. I learned the importance of honoring the value and weight that God’s word holds in everyday life, not just in a Sunday service or in moments that are deemed spiritual.”

– Michaela Mason, 2017 Graduate

The Pursuit ofA Christ-Centered Life

“Highlands College taught me that relationships are the only real way to win and make life enjoyable. Watching my classmates actively seek God challenged me to go deeper in my own relationship with God.”

– Joshua Archer, 2016 Graduate

The Passion ofLifelong Learning

“Highlands College challenged me to think outside the box and to approach ministry in a whole new way. I learned to solve problems effectively, efficiently, and within a budget.”

– Joel Hancock, 2012 Graduate

The Calling ofMinistry Leadership

“At Highlands College, I was taught how to coordinate, lead teams and be a part of creative planning for our monthly youth service. Through my experience at Highlands College I was able to hear the voice of God about what He was calling me to do.”

– Abby Lee, 2016 Graduate

The Advancement ofThe Kingdom

“The training you receive at Highlands College impacts every area of church by equipping students to love people. You get to try a wide variety of serving experiences that allows you to find your passions and gifting within ministry.”

– Russ Daly, 2013 Graduate

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