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Student Housing

All Traditional Students have access to Student Housing in an on-campus residence hall or a nearby apartment complex through a corporate lease agreement maintained by Highlands College. Student Housing creates a vibrant campus environment that extends the growth and connection of the Highlands College experience far beyond their time in class.

Student housing is currently arranged through a corporate leasing agreement with nearby apartment complexes.



Opening in January of 2023, our first on-campus residence hall provides exceptional accommodations for students in an environment designed to foster community. Each housing unit has an ensuite bathroom and is fully furnished for two students. The residence hall provides ample community spaces for recreation and dining—as well as food and drink vending and on-site laundry facilities


Each off-campus apartment in Student Housing accommodates two students per bedroom in two- or three-bedroom units with one or more baths per unit—as well as a living room, kitchen, and dining space. A washer and dryer are provided in each unit. Students in apartments coordinate providing their furnishings with their roommates.


Whether in our on-campus residence hall or the off-campus apartments, on-site Resident Assistants (RAs) are available to support Student Housing participants. These student leaders are trained and chosen each semester to handle residents’ needs.


Housing costs for on-campus residence hall – coming soon!

Hosing for off-campus apartments varies according to number of bedrooms and assume six occupants for three-bedroom and four occupants for two-bedroom. 

Number of Bedrooms Lease Terms Cost
3 10 Months $440 per occupant per month
2 10 Months $500 per occupant per month
Each student is required to pay a $100 non-refundable housing application fee. Payments are due by the 1st of every month and a $100 late fee will be charged after the 5th of every month. 

Housing prices include a premium for utilities, including power, water, sewer, trash, and internet. If the apartment exceeds the allocated premium, then the students may be required to pay the additional amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

HC’s Student Housing Committee assigns roommates, but you can request a roommate by emailing studenthousing@highlandscollege.com.

No pets of any kind are allowed.

Students may request their own room within a two or three bedroom unit but will be required to pay double the amount listed above.

Technically, no, but it’s not hard to find free or affordable furniture thanks to the HC community. Many students leave furniture for incoming students when they graduate. And, some incoming students will move into apartments that are home to returning students who already have some furnishings. This should not be a source of worry for incoming students. It’s your first exercise in working with others to get creative and problem-solve.

Yes. Should a student choose to withdraw or be dismissed due to disciplinary actions, fulfillment of the legally binding lease is required in accordance with its terms.

Every year, students sign the Highland College Community Covenant which contains the commitments and practices that all students abide by during their time as an HC student. This Covenant does contain practices as they relate to housing including:

  • No alcohol or tobacco of any kind allowed
  • No overnight stays with members of the opposite sex
  • No disruptive gatherings that disturbs or impacts the peace of another
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