Scholarships and financial programs create the opportunity for Highlands College students to graduate debt-free and empowered to reach the world.


Highlands College scholarships and financial programs recognize the extraordinary calling of our students and reflect the passionate generosity of thousands who believe in our graduates’ world-changing future.

The scholarship values below apply to those students who enter Highlands College in the Fall of 2023 or Spring of 2024.

All Highlands College scholarships renew each year of a student’s enrollment as long as eligibility requirements are exceeded.


Priority Admission Application Date for Highest Eligible Scholarship Consideration

In order to be eligible for scholarship consideration, applicants must have completed their application for admission. Applicants with a complete admission application on or before this date will be given priority consideration for admission and will be eligible to complete the Tuition Scholarship Application for the highest eligible scholarship consideration.


Highlands College applicants may be eligible for scholarships that apply to the value of Tuition. The application for Tuition Scholarships opens on September 1st each year, with the highest award priority given to those who have completed their admission application and Tuition Scholarship Application by November 15th.

Endowed Scholarships

Full Annual Tuition

The highest valued scholarships to Highlands College are funded perpetually by the gifts of individuals, families, groups, and organizations with a deep commitment to equipping future generations of leaders. These Endowed Scholarships are awarded to students selected from among applicants that meet the unique eligibility requirements of each scholarship.

Exceptional Scholarships

$15,000 Annually

Outstanding applicants for tuition scholarships are eligible to earn an Exceptional Scholarship, with highest priority given to those who apply before December 1st. Exceptional Scholarships may be combined with an Academic Excellence Scholarship.

Academic Excellence Scholarship

up to $8,000 Annually

Tuition scholarship applicants are eligible to earn awards based on demonstrated academic performance. The Academic Excellence scholarship may be combined with an Exceptional Scholarship award. Eligibility is based on GPA*, but awards may be increased with the optional submission of ACT or SAT score.

3.8 and above  ……  $8,000

3.5 – 3.79  …………..  $7,000

3.25 – 3.49  ………..  $6,000

3.0 – 3.24  ………….  $5,000

*For applicants with fewer than 24 college credit hours, the high school cumulative GPA will be used for evaluation. College cumulative GPA will be used to evaluate applicants with 24 or more college credit hours.

The tuition scholarship application is open!


Scholarship awarding begins on December 1st, 2022. Please note your application for admission must be submitted prior to applying for a scholarship. Monitor your application status and apply for scholarships in the Application Dashboard.



Applicants to Highlands College may also be eligible for scholarships based on their leadership and service in their churches and communities. These scholarships may be applied to Tuition and the Student Experience Fee. Applications for the Demonstrated Achievement scholarships open on December 15th.

Service and Impact Scholarship

Up to $5,000 Annually

Eligibility is determined by history of service and Ministry Service Reference.

Leadership and Calling Scholarship

Up to $5,000 Annually

Eligibility varies by scholarship.

Please note your application for admission must be submitted prior to applying for a scholarship. Monitor your application status and apply for scholarships in the Application Dashboard.

Awarding begins January 15th, 2023.




Families may apply for financial programs that combine with scholarship awards to create the opportunity to graduate debt-free. The financial program application process assesses a family’s demonstrated need and develops an individualized package for qualifying students. Highlands College chooses not to access federal funding. Charitable contributions allow Highlands College to provide this program as an investment in the extraordinary future of our graduates.

The application for the financial program opens on February 1st each year.

Average Combined Annual Scholarship and Financial Program award*

$30,000 –  $33,000

*per Highlands College full-time student

Please note your application for admission must be submitted prior to applying for scholarships or financial programs. Monitor your application status and apply for scholarships and additional financial aid in the Application Dashboard.

Annual Investment

The Highlands College experience is provided through two all-inclusive expenses that simplify a family’s educational investment.

These rates apply to those entering Highlands College in the Fall of 2023 or Spring of 2024.

Highlands College is committed to creating the opportunity for students to graduate debt-free.

The investment made in our students through scholarships and grants creates the freedom to apply a first-class education to fulfilling their God-given purpose to reach the world.

Tuition and Student Experience Fee

Average combined Scholarships and Financial Programs award


$30,000 -$33,000

Average Annual Out-of-Pocket Investment per Student

$ 9,000 – $12,000


Applying for college can be challenging and complex. Our team is ready to help every prospective student process their calling and understand the investment we want to make in their future.

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