Educational Investment

Graduate debt-free – equipped and empowered to live your extraordinary calling.

At Highlands College, the impact of our students’ educational investment is multiplied by scholarships and financial aid—made possible by the generosity of those that believe in their unique calling.


Every traditional student at Highlands College receives a scholarship.

All scholarships available through Highlands College may be combined and applied to our two all-inclusive costs – Tuition and the Student Experience Fee.

Exceptional Scholarship

Every student at Highlands College demonstrates an uncommon passion and aptitude for making an eternal impact. Because of our extensive application and evaluation process, all students accepted by May 1 are awarded the Exceptional Scholarship.


$15,000 Annually

Endowed Scholarship

Exceptional Scholarship

Endowed Scholarship

Students may receive additional scholarships funded in perpetuity by the gifts of individuals, families, groups, and organizations. These Endowed Scholarships are awarded to students selected from among applicants that meet the unique eligibility requirements of each scholarship, with priority given to those accepted by December 1. Endowed Scholarships combine with Exceptional Scholarships to fully cover the cost of tuition to Highlands College.

Additional $15,000 Annually

Students awarded an Endowed Scholarship or Exceptional Scholarship may also apply to receive additional scholarships based on demonstrated achievement.

Demonstrated  Achievement Scholarships

Up to $8,000

Eligibility based on High School GPA**

  • 3.8 and above          $8,000
  • 3.5 – 3.79                    $7,000
  • 3.25 – 3.49                    $6,000
  • 3,0 – 3.24                    $5,000
Up to $5,000

Eligibility is determined by history of service and Ministry Service Reference

Up to $7,000

Eligibility varies by scholarship.

*Academic Excellence scholarships may only be applied to Tuition. Students awarded both the Exceptional Scholarship and an Endowed Scholarship are not eligible for the Academic Excellence scholarship.

** For applicants with fewer than 24 college credit hours, the high school cumulative GPA will be used for evaluation. For applicants with 24 or more college credit hours, the college cumulative GPA will be used for evaluation.

Demonstrated Achievement Scholarships are awarded with priority given to those who have completed their Highlands College Admissions Application by May 1.


Full-time students may also qualify for private grants from Highlands College that do not require repayment.

Highlands College chooses not to access federal funding. Charitable contributions allow Highlands College to provide private grants—in addition to scholarships—to families with demonstrated need. This extraordinary financial commitment to students is made possible by the generous investments of thousands of donors and a community of supporters.

This resource may be applied for during the admission process.

Average Combined Annual Scholarship and Grant award* – $33,000 

* per Highlands College full-time student


To simplify your educational expenses, the costs to attend Highlands College are grouped into two all-inclusive charges.

Highlands College Tuition covers costs for full-time academic instruction, ministry training courses, textbooks, and required course materials.

 The Student Experience Fee funds student events, experiences, and services – including housing and meals.

Annual Investment

Annual Highlands College Tuition
Annual Student Experience Fee
Total per year
There is a $50 non-refundable application fee ($100 for international applicants). A $250 enrollment deposit must be submitted as part of the confirmation process once you have made a final decision to attend Highlands College. The enrollment deposit is applied toward your tuition and is non-refundable after the drop date for each semester.

*Students providing their own housing receive a $4,000 annual credit towards this fee.

Highlands College is committed to creating the opportunity for students to graduate debt-free.

The investment made in our students through scholarships and grants create the freedom to apply their first-class education to fulfilling their God-given purpose to reach the world.

Tuition and Student Experience Fee

Average Scholarships and Grant Awards


– $33,000

Average Annual Out-of-Pocket Investment

$  9,000


Applying for college can be challenging and complex. Our team is ready to help every prospective student process their calling and understand the investment we want to make in their future. You can schedule a conversation with our team by clicking the button below.

Tuition FAQs

For Highlands College Associate Degree students, books average $300 per semester. For SEU Associate Degree students, books average $600/semester.

The Highlands College Associate Degree payment option:

  • $1100 due by the first day of class
  • $550 due on Sept 1
  • $550 due on Oct 1
  • $550 due on Nov 1
  • $550 due on Dec 1

The Evening Program payment plan allows you to make 2 payments toward your tuition/fees over the course of the semester. One payment at the beginning of the semester and one payment halfway through the semester.

Degree-seeking students, please consult with our SEU representative, Cass Bussey, on payment plan options. You can email her at

Because we are committed to the holistic development of our students, traditional students participate in a health and wellness program we call “HC Fit.” The core components of the health and wellness plan include a meal plan of healthy, high-quality food and access to top-notch fitness facilities. HC Fit is an integral part of our curriculum and required for all traditional students.

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Students interested in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023, please review the tuition, fees, and scholarship opportunities available to you. The above rates and opportunities are applicable to Fall 2023 students and beyond.

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